i'm Katia.

I help nervous speakers take the stage, connect with ease, and move audiences around ideas that matter.
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No more boring presentations.

I want to free the world of boring presentations.
And that starts with you & me.

Hi there! I’m Katia, I started TRAININGMINDED because I believe that your ideas deserve to be heard and I want to help you to find your unique way to present them so they make an impact on your audience. Every single time.

I help people like yourself, who are not a fan of speaking for an audience or are nervous about it, most of the time because they believe some common myths about public speaking, like:

  • You need to be super polished and precise
  • You need to be an extrovert who loves the spotlight
  • You need to be a leader or a CEO

But guess what? Your job is simply to connect. And perfection kills connection. 

Becoming a speaker who truly moves audiences is a process of peeling back layers of vulnerability to reveal yourself—in down-to-earth ways people feel a natural resonance with. And this is a skill that can absolutely be learned.

" I can’t believe how positive the reactions were, even weeks later! Katia helped me to build a plan and we practiced the delivery together. I had way more fun than I ever thought possible! "
Elke Verstraete
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“I've hired Katia multiple times to help my team and me develop and perfect important presentations and I would, without a doubt recommend her work!”
Jurgen Michiels

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